Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Concrete Statues

Spring is just around the corner. The sooner the better, if you ask me! Today is cold and very windy, a howling wind, almost spooky. It's very quiet , all but the wind. Not a lot going on today in my quiet little house. I need to be listing things on ebay, but I am not. Don't know why. I guess I am being a little hesitant. Why do so many people in this world have things to collect? I guess it's the thrill of the hunt for most people. Some collect for mere profit, when the value of most collectibles increase, they then sell it. I collect things that tug at my heart strings. Most of the time it's things with pretty flowers, roses, something pink, old with character, something with distinctive age marks. Some people collect coins, pottery, dolls, cars, toys, you name it. I collect so many different things, all things vintage. One of my favorite things to collect is concrete statuary. Most of them are old, some I don't know how old, but most do have character. You wonder sometimes where they originated, where they have traveled to and back. They are for sure one collectible I believe will be around for eternity, long after we have left this world. My favorite of all, is the blonde boy holding a fish. I will never forget the friday morning before daylight, around 5:30 almost 6:00 This lady was having an estate sale and right when I arrived, of course no one else was there yet..I saw this adorable statue on it's stand, in the grown up bushes, with lots of weeds covering around it and I asked "How much for the statue?" She replied, "Oh how about $7.00? You'll have to tear away all the schrubbery" I thought to myself, "why $7.00?" Then I thought "Who cares!!" I just had to load this heavy thing in my truck and head off to the next yard sale! I was so excited. Now each time someone comes to my house, I have share this story. I just love it! I thought I would share it with you. Next time you see something at an estate sale or anywhere, If you LOVE it, BUY it. You may regret it later!