Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fabulous Finds~Cloche Displays

I was quite surprised to find these wonderful antique alabaster
statues at an estate sale in my neighborhood for only 150.00 for
the pair! Aren't they gorgeous? They display so lovely, don't you think?
Standing so elegantly and confident on her pedestal!

This gorgeous lady statue weighs a ton...such wonderful
patina and detail!

I just fell in love with this large antique black & white picture!
The frame has such nice detail that you can hardly see, but trust
me, it's gorgeous! Look closely at this picture and you can see a
lovely statue in the background! A steal for only 5.00!
The same wonderful lady that I bought the statues from,
had a lot of old things that were her mother's. Old baby shoes,
lots of antique lace, and buttons, I knew the perfect place to display
it all, in my old glass jars that I posted about a couple of weeks ago!
I hope you are enjoying the pictures so far... I'm not quite done yet!
I thought you may want to hear this...T.J Maxx has some of the cutest
vintage style christmas decor that you have ever seen! They are made
of paper mache, and everything blends in perfectly with your own
vintage treasures!! Look how cute this snowman looks under a cloche!!
This cloche, I have displayed an antique porcelain
bust found for only 10.00 Isn't she lovely!
With most cloche displays, I think vintage
wedding cake toppers look their best under glass
Wouldn't you agree?
Not only cake toppers, I do believe trophys look wonderful
as well under a cloche! This little trophy needed a little boost, so
I added a porcelain pedestal!
One of my favorite cloche displays....I love how this cloche
looks on this silver tray, notice the etching on the glass? I
just think it is beautiful! Well, as always, I hope you have enjoyed
the pictures! I love to read blogs with lots of inspiring photos! I hope
I have inspired some of you today! Have a wonderful blessed day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Medical Cabinet~Bedroom Revamp

Loving my vintage medical cabinet! A recent find
from Salvation Army, of all places, for only 75 dollars!
I never find anything good there, so this was a nice
surprise! I just love everything about it, the style,
size, but most of all the glass doors for displaying
small vintage treasures!
A sweet assortment of vintage vanity treasures, old lace,
vintage rhinestone pins... one of my favs, pretty talcum tins,
old clocks, silver trays and vintage white buttons! With most cabinet
displays, I like to add old sheet music to line the backs!
You can never have enough pretty flowered plates
for the background too!
And of course, one of my most favorite treasures
In my bedroom, is my vintage dress form! She is
wearing a vintage rhinestone tiara, that I just love!
Don't you just love this antique white headboard? It was already
painted from a long time ago, a summer find for only 25.00!
Barkcloth pillows, old mirrors, vintage hats, silver trays,
and some white McCoy pottery are just some of my favorite
things for my room!

Vintage lighting, mmm, another favorite, I just love stuff!
We'll call this my vanity dresser, I use it for displaying
vintage mirrors, a silver tray, some of my rhinestone pin collection, I
have them everywhere, you can find them cheap at yard
sales and estate sales. I don't think I have ever paid more
than 10.00 for one. Most of time they are 1.00 each!

Vintage clothes, hats, and jewelry are pretty much the theme
for this corner of the room! Well, I hope you have enjoyed
your visit and I hope to inspire a lot of readers. I love to
decorate, I guess you can tell by now. I am looking forward
to going to more yard sales this weekend, be sure to check
back in a few days to see what treasures I have discovered!
Have a wonderful junking weekend! ~ Cheryl

Oh, and the last two pictures, I almost forgot,
vintage concrete statues are another favorite!
You can never have too many! I just adore them!
And last is another medical/dental cart that
I store vintage barkcloth, and wallpapered
sewing boxes! Isn't it cool? I just love the little
see through window at the bottom for displaying
pretty flowered fabric! Well, I hope this gives you
some ideas of displaying things, the next time you
find a vintage treasure!~ Take care!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apothecary Jars/Store Jars~Old Lace~Estate Sale Finds!!

  1. I found more old jars, buttons and lace and with running out of space to display it all, I brought back to my living room, this old set of library bookcases. I love having a place to create little vignettes. Old lace, different shades of old white buttons, old black & white pictures, tarnished silver plate, seashells, etc..
    OOPs! Looks like it's time to buy more tootsie rolls for the old store jar on the end! They don't last long...since the jar is the last thing you see as you are heading out the door!

    One of my favorite finds this past Saturday, was this antique crocheted piano shawl! I picked it up at the last sale that I went to for the day...a steal for only $5.00! In perfect condition! A beautiful finishing touch to my favorite dress form!

    One of the first finds for the day, was this very lovely vintage sweater with sequins! Another steal for only $1.00 I bought lots of things from this seller.... I am going back for more later this week. She just wants to get rid of stuff! Fun! Fun! I will post later this week of more great finds! For now I hope you all have a wonderful day and do something fun!