Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover *** In Progress..........

Today I want to share with you my laundry room makeover...
I decided it was time for a change. Since the laundry is right
beside my dining room, I wanted it to somewhat compliment
each one. Keeping with shades of white........Old battery jars,
filled with antique lace, vintage white buttons, old door knobs,
etc...One of my favorites is this vintage little dress with crochet.
Antique enamelware laundry set...old clocks.....
Old jars for laundry soap, fabric sheets, old lace, displayed
on an old silver tray! Love using an old silver baby cup for a scoop!
Never enough lace and buttons....so charming!
Saving the best for last, is my favorite antique doll head
under a glass cloche! Still a work in progress...I want to
paint the walls, but haven't yet decided what color. I hope
you all are having a wonderful week. The weather has
been crazy here....cold one day and hot the next! I will be
happy when fall is officially here, temperature wise.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Living Room * Burlap Curtains

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a while since my last post. I have been
very busy! Lots of awesome estate sales, lots of junkin', rearranging,
closing out my booth, and selling more on Ebay and craigslist!!
I have been trying to sell more than I keep! So I am listing more
on Ebay. My seller name is now just "Cottage-White" Come see what
treasure you can find!! Happy to combine shipping too!!
I am showing you all pictures of my living room, now that
I finally found me some burlap curtains!! Yeah! I was about
to order some from Ballard Designs, but held off for just a while
and to my surprise I found these at an estate sale for 40.00
for 8 panels!! What an awesome deal, huh?? I'm happy!!
I love how everything comes together now, with the old
silver and chippy white! Enjoy the pictures, and I am off
to list more things on Ebay! Who knows what i will be selling!
Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with lots of junkin'fun!!