Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Estate Finds~~Simple Changes

Hello Everyone! I hope everything is going well with you all...It is so hot and humid here in the south! It is down right unbearable!! Yesterday with the heat index factored in it was...106!!!
I am always looking forward to going to estate sales every week, but when it is this hot...whew..I don't know...It just makes you want to stay home!! I did find a few pretty things to share though......
The best sale was it was very comfortable to plunder through this wonderful estate full of vintage and antique treasures...above is my favorite find
Not one, but two gorgeous antique purses! Love the little chains, so charming, don't you think? I love the idea of hanging them on the wall. I wouldn't mind
finding more...but less is more right???
This little corner in my daughter's room needed just a little something...
So when I found this antique burlap purse, I knew just where to hang it!
Looks great with the old stack of books, huh?
Sometimes you need to rearrange from time to time, who me?
I am always rearranging stuff, I can't help it! Who could resist
another glass cloche? Especially when Hobby Lobby has their
50% off glassware sale! The perfect size to display on top of
a stack of antique plateau mirrors! Silver and glass, so pretty together!
A little rearranging goes a long way....I brought my iron bench
from my living room into my dining room...I just LOVE it in here!!
I took my primitive chippy wooden bench and put it in my living
room... look in the picture below, what a difference it makes huh?
Clearing off my table...keeping it simple and inviting. I love
my topiaries! I would like to find a couple more for my den!
Lastly, Is this wonderful antique brown transfer ware pitcher!
I have been wanting to blend in some with my white ironstone,
so when I found this one at an antique store for only $25- I just
had to have it! I love how it looks with my little coffee and cake
plates that I got from my friend Sue years ago!! Sue has an online
shoppe...You can check it out here!! Hope you all have a wonderful
weekend!! Until Next Time........

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Recent Estate Sale Find.... Vintage "Pearl White" Sugar Cane Sack!
Instantly I Fell In Love With This...Check Out The Crown!!

A Vintage Dress Form...My Favorite One Dressed
In Vintage Lace, Crochet, and Lots Of Vintage Jewelry!!
An Overall View Of This Newly Redecorated Bedroom...
Believe It Or Not, It Is My 17 Year Old Daughter's Room!
She Likes Things Simple And Organized...(Just Like Her Mom)
I Love Using All White Linens...So Serene And Easy To Care For!
I Am Trying To Get Motivated To Sell More Stuff And Stop
Buying So Much! So I Keep Taking Things To My Booth, Send
Things To Friends, Have Yard Sales, Etc..I Want To Keep Things
Simplified! It's So Hard To Do Sometimes, So Many Pretty Things!!
It Has Been Quite Hot And Humid Here In The South!!
I Can Hardly Wait For The Fall Weather To Get Here!!
I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Week....And Stay Cool!!