Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome Summer Finds!!~Bedroom Makeover!!

It has been an awesome summer when it comes to finding vintage treasures!! It has definitely been too long in between posting, my apologies! I am making up for lost time with some hopefully inspiring photos for you all! I have been super busy with having our home remodeled, painting two bedrooms, redecorating, yardwork, housework, yard sales and most of all spending time with my adorable grandson, family and friends! The time just flies by so fast...I have been wanting to post some pictures, so here they are! I will start with pictures of my newly painted and redecorated bedroom. Before, It was painted a dark green, which I have lived with that color for the past 5 years! Definitely time for a change! I have changed to a very pretty cottage white. Don't you just love all the soothing shades of white?  I just love architectural finds, vintage garden treasures, pretty vintage hats, old mirrors, wicker, concrete statues, and so on! I will be posting more often, I promise, I have to show you the 2nd bedroom makeover next! I hope you enjoy the pictures! You all have a wonderful weekend!