Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabulous Finds!

Oh... What a hot and humid month it has been....almost too hot to hunt for treasures! Sometimes you just have to sacrifice the uncomfortable weather to find the things that you love! Yet again...It is an obsession! You find stuff on friday and saturday..spend all week cleaning, painting, arranging and then enjoy looking at all the pretty stuff you bought...and then it is friday again, time to start the treasure hunt all over again~This is just some of my finds for the past two weeks!  One of my favorite finds is the vintage white beadboard radiator cover, a 20.00 find... displayed with ornament filled jars, small glass cloche, seashells, old corbels, which I love too, a steal for 20.00 for the pair! I found two pair of those! Check out these adorable concrete statues, found a pair of those with the pedestals for only 30.00! I love old wicker flower baskets, especially the tall ones that stand on the floor, I found this one at an antique mall for only 40.00! Lately, I have had a passion for vintage these two large trays, found last week for 10.00 for the pair, (Trays are awesome for grouping little treasures together to make a statement) along with the trays came this huge ironstone platter for 5.00! There are great treasures out there to be found and at fabulous prices! I hope you all have a happy junkin trail this weekend!

Enjoy the pictures, and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Estate Sale Find & Diningroom Makeover!!

Oh my gosh! I can hardly believe it has been more than a month since I have posted! The month of may has been just fabulous for estate/yard sales! The first I would like to show you is the wonderful vintage buffet I got a few weeks ago. Most bloggers start off talking about how they have redone a piece of furniture, a project, etc..Well, Every once in awhile you find that perfect piece that you do not have to do anything to! This is what happened to me....The yard sales were just alright, then decided to go in a different direction, and thank goodness I did! This wonderful buffet with the prettiest etched mirror was just sitting there looking pretty waiting for me to take it home! This is the part that you will not believe! I asked the seller how much, and she said 20.00! Then she proceeded to apologize, for having left some paint around the mirror! Was she kidding? I'll clean it up for the price she was asking! So here are some pictures of my diningroom. I had to rearrange just about everything, but I love how it turned out! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Remember you can click on the picture to enlarge. I would love to hear your favorite story of that perfect find! I am all ears! If you would like to send me an email  and/or a picture, please send to ~~~~Happy Junking!