Monday, September 1, 2008

All things shabby and pretty....

Well...It's really late and I always have trouble sleeping. So what do you know...two posts in one day! Too much caffiene and sugar is keeping me wide awake. I have so many ideas of things I would like to do around my house. Cosmetic stuff mainly. I don't need anything else for my house, as far as furniture goes. One can never have enough small treasures. Even if they are only temporary. Temp therapy! Little things add the character and personality to a home! I mainy like to keep small treasures behind glass, because it keep things in display, organized and cleaned. It helps with the ocd! lol...I have this shabby white huge stepback in my oldest daughter's room...It is my favorite piece in my house. I thought I would share a picture of it with you. I have displayed with white McCoy pottery, mixed with pink roses, chippy statues, vintage baby mannequin heads, hat boxes, plates, etc..Since my daughter is getting married, and they will be staying with us a few months..just until they save some money to put down on buying a house, my daughter has been "Making" me move stuff out of her room! It's kinda grown on me. I like the simplicity of it! I love how everything has turned out with the rearranging..I have more pretty things in my room and on my front porch! I just love this architectural grate displayed with my trophy and statue! I found the grate for only $20. at an estate sale! Displayed next to it is an old column I found a couple of weeks ago for only $15. Isn't it exciting finding architectural stuff for cheap? Uh duh! Yeah! That stuff is getting more difficult to find, at cheap prices anyway! It is one of my fav things to collect!

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cherished*vintage said...

Hi Cheryl! I love it when you post new pictures. Congrats to your daughter!! I've been busy trying to rearrange and declutter too. Trying to get back in the groove now that summer vacation is over.