Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lovin' The Monochromatic Look!

The Junking This Week has Been Awesome!
I Just Love This Antique Victorian Photo Album!
All It Needed Was A Little Embellishing With An Old
Black & White Photo, Old Lace, Rosary, and Some
Rhinestones...Just Look At The Detail...Lovely!
Always Make Room For The Things That You
Love The Most...Weed Out The Things That
You Can Sell....To Buy More, And To Pass Along
The Extra Things for Others To Cherish! I Had To Move Some
Treasures From This Display, and It Was Worth it!

Here Is Something That I Have Been Working On...
Just The Other Day I Had Posted This Display. It Was Okay,
But It Needed More White, More Of A Monochromatic Look
Well, I Am Just Loving This Little Vignette Now! I Took The Pink
Flowers Out Of My Vintage Wire Planters...Added Vintage Glass
Prisms & Old Sheet Music...Now It Is Perfect! Don't You Love It?
Love This Old Antique White Door Header...Just Added My
Old Nozzle Collection! Everything is Coming Together Nicely!
The Photo Below Is The Before Picture Of My Wire Planters...
For The Past 5 Years I Believe I was Going A Little Overboard
With A Lot Of Pink! Hence The Name "Pink Obsession"!! I am
Now Loving The Monochromatic Look!! Maybe A New Name
Is In Order?? Until Next Time...Have A Fabulous Day!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You do always have the best displays. I'm going to going shopping with you one day :) Have a great Sunday, T

anything shabby chic said...

Wow you have a BEAUTIFUL HOME!!! I want your help, you know how to decorate!! Thank you very much for coming by my blog, and following it!! I have to be honest I didn't know about your blog, and saw how beautiful it was I wish I knew about it sooner!!!

Rachel Knoblich said...

As I said before..."may I come live with you?" LOL
Come to my blog for a giveaway!

vintagesue said...

hey cheryl....i am loving the look too!!! i remember that collage!! how funny. i love the lil nozzles, love the statues and those funky wire thingies with the prisms and rolled music are darling. zoey and arek would have taken them all out and drawn on them by now!! lol.
take it easy.

summersundays-jw said...

Glad you let me know you received the pkg. & that you were happy with it. Love all your wicker. Jan