Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Recent Estate Sale Find.... Vintage "Pearl White" Sugar Cane Sack!
Instantly I Fell In Love With This...Check Out The Crown!!

A Vintage Dress Form...My Favorite One Dressed
In Vintage Lace, Crochet, and Lots Of Vintage Jewelry!!
An Overall View Of This Newly Redecorated Bedroom...
Believe It Or Not, It Is My 17 Year Old Daughter's Room!
She Likes Things Simple And Organized...(Just Like Her Mom)
I Love Using All White Linens...So Serene And Easy To Care For!
I Am Trying To Get Motivated To Sell More Stuff And Stop
Buying So Much! So I Keep Taking Things To My Booth, Send
Things To Friends, Have Yard Sales, Etc..I Want To Keep Things
Simplified! It's So Hard To Do Sometimes, So Many Pretty Things!!
It Has Been Quite Hot And Humid Here In The South!!
I Can Hardly Wait For The Fall Weather To Get Here!!
I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Week....And Stay Cool!!


Lee Laurie said...

What a beautiful room! I love it. Very classy too.

sissie said...

Your decorating style is so pretty and I love your daughter's room.

It's really hard to simplify and stop buying stuff. I keep moving things to my booth but then one of the other dealers will bring in something that I have to have! LOL.


anything shabby chic said...

hi! I looks beautiful. It does look simple but still very vintage!!

vintagesue said...

wow cheryl...it looks COMPLETELY different than it did 8 years ago!!! has it been that long since i first saw your house??
it's a whole different look. i love it. yes...the feed sack is the best!!! maybe you will motivate me to clean my house. i have toys, clothes and crap everywhere...lol.
it is hard to scale down....WAY hard. why? cuz it's so exciting to find new stuff!!! if i was there, i'd come hang out and look at everything and drool.
good luck with the booth!! i bet is looks awesome. you will have to take pics of it!!