Friday, January 14, 2011

~Vintage Vanity~

  • Good Morning! Today I want to get your opinion on what color I should paint my master bathroom, adjacent to the master bedroom. I can't decide if I want a cottage white color, a very light light aqua, a neutral coffee tan, and antique grey color.... I would love to get your input...I am all ears!! Everything in this room is white, glass, silver or black! I want something that
    will compliment the decor! Right now the walls are a pale yellow, the same old
  • boring yellow since 1998!!
Recently I purchased this wonderful burlap shower curtain on Etsy! I just LOVE it!!

Inside this huge wall cabinet I have all my vintage perfume bottles, antique brushes, old glass jars with buttons, lace, antique mirrors, etc..I love anything vintage that is silver or glass with some ornate in design. I am loving the clean simple look of no color!

Another fun find were these great old clocks found at Scott's antique market in
Atlanta! Love how they look on an old silver platter! So tell me, what color
would you think? I would really like an antique grey color.....


Rose Garden Romantic said...

I'm loving all your gorgeous photos! I think aqua would look pretty, but tan would be wonderful too,especially since you are loving the neutrals so much lately. I've been loving neutrals so much more lately also, but I think I'll always love my florals and pastels, too! Love the cupboard filled with all your pretties!!!

lifespassion said...

I have a sample of a Behr color that's kind of a smokey light grey/blue color that I think would look fabulous with your silver!

sissie said...

I think an antique gray is a wonderful idea! The color will compliment all of your gorgeous vintage pretties.

Can't wait to see it.


julie miller said...

I vote a soft grey too! Your cupboard full of pretties is wonderful!! Julie

vintagesue said...

wow cheryl!! your bathroom looks SO different from back in the day. i remember coming over and seeing all those eye poppin roses!! now you have those eye poppin sliver pieces and french inspired trinkets. it is gorgeous!!!!!!
you know me and gray are not friends. maybe you could do some swatches on the wall and see before you paint. i think a buttercream or martha stewart color would look pretty. how bout some decoupaged pages or textures on board attached to the wall?? you can also wallpaper fabric to your wall with wallpaper paste. it will clean right up when you want to take it down. you know i'm out you will make it look amazing whatever you do!!!!
and can always paint over it.
good luck

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Cheryl,

Nice to meet you! Love your blog, and all of your pretties. I vote for the gray. Think it will look nice with all of your goodies and silver.


Barbara Jean said...

enjoying my visit here
barbara jean

ShabbySheep said...

Hi Cheryl, I just found your blog via Pinterest. (The burlap shower curtain) I made one too, with black at the top and bottom. I will post it on my Pinterest board soon.
My suggestion for wall color is basic "builders white" in an eggshell finish, so you can keep it wiped down. To me it is the most clear, crisp white and works with everything! Plus it's cheap! I always use Sherwin Williams paint and have never had any disappointment with it.