Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Medical Cabinet~Bedroom Revamp

Loving my vintage medical cabinet! A recent find
from Salvation Army, of all places, for only 75 dollars!
I never find anything good there, so this was a nice
surprise! I just love everything about it, the style,
size, but most of all the glass doors for displaying
small vintage treasures!
A sweet assortment of vintage vanity treasures, old lace,
vintage rhinestone pins... one of my favs, pretty talcum tins,
old clocks, silver trays and vintage white buttons! With most cabinet
displays, I like to add old sheet music to line the backs!
You can never have enough pretty flowered plates
for the background too!
And of course, one of my most favorite treasures
In my bedroom, is my vintage dress form! She is
wearing a vintage rhinestone tiara, that I just love!
Don't you just love this antique white headboard? It was already
painted from a long time ago, a summer find for only 25.00!
Barkcloth pillows, old mirrors, vintage hats, silver trays,
and some white McCoy pottery are just some of my favorite
things for my room!

Vintage lighting, mmm, another favorite, I just love stuff!
We'll call this my vanity dresser, I use it for displaying
vintage mirrors, a silver tray, some of my rhinestone pin collection, I
have them everywhere, you can find them cheap at yard
sales and estate sales. I don't think I have ever paid more
than 10.00 for one. Most of time they are 1.00 each!

Vintage clothes, hats, and jewelry are pretty much the theme
for this corner of the room! Well, I hope you have enjoyed
your visit and I hope to inspire a lot of readers. I love to
decorate, I guess you can tell by now. I am looking forward
to going to more yard sales this weekend, be sure to check
back in a few days to see what treasures I have discovered!
Have a wonderful junking weekend! ~ Cheryl

Oh, and the last two pictures, I almost forgot,
vintage concrete statues are another favorite!
You can never have too many! I just adore them!
And last is another medical/dental cart that
I store vintage barkcloth, and wallpapered
sewing boxes! Isn't it cool? I just love the little
see through window at the bottom for displaying
pretty flowered fabric! Well, I hope this gives you
some ideas of displaying things, the next time you
find a vintage treasure!~ Take care!


Blue Creek Home said...

I love, love, love, your bedroom!
The mannequin, the hat stand, the bedding, the vintage rhinestones. I would like to go shopping at your house!!! I love stuff, too!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Such pretty treasures!
To delete a photo...go to edit edit on the post... click on the photo you want to delete (it should have little squares at the corners)...hit delete on your keyboard...should do it! HTH

Tammy/Yesterday's Cottage said...!! You better not ever invite me to your house. I would make the worst guest ever, what with all that staring and drooling I'd be doing!! LOL!
I have just spent the better part of an hour visiting your blog. Can you imagine how I might embarrass myself in person?!

vintagesue said...

hey you...which sally store????that one on veteran's? remember back in the day that place was nuts...when linda ran it? they had 10 linen pieces for $1 and 10 clothing pieces for 99cents. purses....10 for $1. it was crazy fun!! then it got expensive and boring. soooo lucky for you to find that cabinet.
you house looks amazing as always. i can smell the candles from here. i'd love to come slide across the floor and stare at everything.
hit to the kids for me.
take it easy.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! WE had a great time...
You're welcome!

Vintage Junky said...

I adore your dental cart! thanks for stopping by my blog....I am off now to look at more of your amazing collections!


lala said...

Oh my gosh - so much delicious eye candy in one room!!!! I keep enlarging the photos so as not to miss any of the wonderful details. Your bedroom is amazing. What a score with the dental cabinet.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your beautiful bedroom! What an inspiration you are! Have a nice week! Twyla

Cindy said...

Hi just surfing blogland and came across your beautiful blog. I love all your collections. Your bedroom is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Nice to find yours as well!