Monday, June 14, 2010

Won't You Come In?.....

Won't you come in...Today I thought I would show you my
living room....Above is an old stepback cupboard that is made
of antique railroad wood. The lady we purchased it from said
the previous owner had made it for his wife many, many years
ago. I love antique pieces with history and stories to tell....It
is an awesome piece to showcase your favorite treasures..
Inside is a collection of antique jars, old dolls, Apothecary
Bottles, and my favorite porcelain busts!
An iron bench that I painted white.. with some pillows that I
tea-stained and embellished with lace and rhinestone pins...
One of my favorite little corners to sit and read..
Shades of vintage white, so calming and relaxing...
Becoming a favorite, Is this vintage dress form that I
dressed in a vintage blouse with pearls, pins, & old keys, etc..
Charming display of white McCoy pottery, old bibles, lace,
and my favorite antique metal photo frame!
Upon entering, This is the first display that you will see...
Creamy whites, old statues, clocks, flower frogs, antique framed
prints, cake toppers under cloches, lots of jars filled with
Christmas ornaments, old lace, old string, white buttons, etc..

As you may notice, I love to keep small collections together.
In my opinion, If you keep collections together, it makes more
of a statement, and things do not get lost, mixed in with the larger
pieces..and the best part, if you keep smalls in glass fronted
cabinets, you don't have to dust every little thing!!
Could you tell by now that this so called livingroom..has no couch!
I decided about 2 years ago to make my livingroom more of a
sitting room. Using just my old wicker chairs, an iron bench,
and a couple of bistro chairs for seating....
Lastly, Is my new obsession, I guess you can call it..I love the
hunt for old silver, plated, tarnished whatever the condition..
Especially pieces with old flower designs. Such character and
history behind these old pieces...Well I hope you have enjoyed
your stop in again real soon....Happy Junkin!!


Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

I adore all of your displays and collections.....I see alot of the things I also love....added you to my blog roll to keep up. I love your style.

lala said...

Oh my goodness!!!! There is so much eye candy to take in - I keep enlarging every photo and just drool over all of your collections. Your displays are simply wonderful, you definitely have a talent for putting vignettes together.

Callie Magee Antiques said...

I am just now checking my favorite blogs and saw that I was your giveaway winner. How exciting!!!
I may be too late and if so that is only understandable. Email is
Lois at Callie Magee Antiques

NataljaOblonskaja said...

Oh, my good, you have a lot of niiice things.

oldgreymare said...

Thank you for stopping by to peek at my collections. Of course when I popped over here, I see you have COLLECTIONS with a capital C!

Have a great week.


vintagesue said...

hey cheryl!! everything looks so edible. yummy house.
i am so excited to send another box because now i have an idea what to put in it!! i love your pillows and the whole lace/cream look is totally beautiful.
can't wait to start swapping!!
take care


Love it Cheryl. I am really crushing over your pretty tea stained pillows. Have a great day.

All the best,

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So much charm and prettiness in one place!!! Love everything!!!

Rosemary said...

Hey cheryl , how are you sweet girl? I made a album of some of the pictures you've sent me, on my facebook and all the girls are going nuts over your home, so i'm gonna send them all over here! LOL! Are you still selling on ebay, cause they want your seller id too ;)
Email me, we need to catch up! Rosemary